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Finding Cheap Airport Parking: Complete Guide

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We travel and go on vacations to relax and relieve stress. People also travel for business or to see their loved ones. No matter how much you want a stress-free trip, traveling can be really stressful. 

Are you a frequent traveler? Or do you go on long-awaited trips occasionally? 

You’ll be already familiar with pre-travel anxiety and stress. There are so many thoughts running through your mind. Did I pack everything? Did I see the flight time correctly? Should I check it again? Oh! I forgot to book a hotel. 

But wait, there’s more!

What about the airport parking? How much is it going to cost me? Is there any way to find cheap airport parking?

The long term airport parking is the last thing you should be worrying about. You do not need that stress. But it is a common problem for many travelers.

I had my fair share of some horrible travel experiences. And the biggest problem I encountered was airport parking. And to be honest, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Do you also have a similar problem? Are you also unable to find cheap airport parking?

You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because I’m here to help you find cheap airport parking. In this guide, I’ll provide you with all the information you need. I’ll give you some great tips and tell you about the ways to save hundreds of dollars on airport parking. So, read on and say goodbye to stress. 

How much does the airport parking cost? 

If you’re a first-time traveler, you might be wondering if you really need cheap airport parking. How much a simple airport parking could cost, right? 

Well, it costs a lot!

When I traveled for the first time, I also thought the same. But I was quite shocked when I found how much it actually costs. It costs $39 per 24 hours for self-parking at my own home airport at LaGuardia Airport. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other options. So, I had to park my car at the airport. It cost me almost $1000 for my 25-day vacation. Ouch! Let’s just say it wasn’t a great vacation for me. But now finding cheap airport parking is my top priority while traveling. 

Some airports in upscale cities cost as much as $60 per day. Also, if you choose to park near the terminals or valet park, it’ll cost you even more. You’ll be glad to know that there are a lot of options that will actually help you to save money and find cheap airport parking. Let’s find them out. 

Cheap Airport Parking
Cheap Airport Parking

Best Ways to Find a Cheap Airport Parking

There are many ways to decrease the cost of parking your car at the airport. From park and fly hotel packages to parking coupons and parking apps, you have a lot of options. Here are the 10 best ways to find cheap airport parking and save money:

  1. Find an alternative

The best way to save money on airport parking is to not drive to the airport at all. I know this is an obvious tip. But it is the best way you can save money and time as well. You have to find an alternative. Following are the five alternatives to parking at the airport:

  • Ask your friend or family member to give you a ride to the airport

Whenever I go on longer trips, I ask my friends or relatives to drop me off at the airport. It is the easiest way to save money on airport parking. If you’re traveling with your family, it’ll be best to ask someone to give you a ride to the airport. It’ll save you both money and time. Plus! It is more convenient. You won’t have problems with buying tickets, shuttle buses, or carrying heavy luggage.

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  • Get an Uber or Lyft

If you can’t find anybody who could drop you off at the airport, then there are other alternatives as well. You can get an Uber or Lyft ride. If you don’t live too far from the airport these are a good option. Uber is a more affordable option compared to a taxi. If you haven’t tried Uber or Lyft, you should try it now. 

  • Try Taxi2Airport

If Uber or Lyft is not available in your area, I have another great option for you. Taxis are quite expensive usually. So, try Taxi2Airport. What’s that?

Taxi2Airport is helping many people all across the world to get to airports. It is a global search engine where you can find cars, minivans or even limos to get dropped off at the airport. Taxi2Airport is cheaper than a taxi. It is a good option for you if you’re traveling with your family or with one more person. 

  • Share a lift with somebody else

Another alternative to driving to the airport yourself is rideshare. There are many sharing economy services that can help you find someone who is also heading to the airport at your date and time of departure. Try LiftShare if you live in the UK or BlaBlaCar which is currently available in 21 countries. If you live in the US, Zimride is a great rideshare program.

  • You also have public transportation options

If you live in a place where public transportation is readily available, then you can save money easily. Public buses and trains are the cheapest way to reach the airport. You should take a bus or a train to the airport. 

If any of these alternatives are not available, then don’t worry. I still have a lot of other options for you. Cheap airport parking is not impossible to find. Take a look at these options. 

  1. Why not Book Airport Parking in Advance?

Once I was quite worried about airport parking as I had no alternative available. A friend of mine suggested booking airport parking in advance. And I thought why didn’t I get that idea? It seemed pretty sensible. 

You book tickets, hotel rooms, and flights in advance for only one reason and that is to save money. So, why not book an airport parking in advance. So, if there is no other option available, you should book an airport parking in advance. This is an amazing way to get cheap airport parking. 

If you show up without any reservation, then you’ll have to park at the airport at whatever price they ask. Be sensible and book airport parking in advance. It will greatly reduce the parking cost. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have to pay only half of what you would have to pay if you didn’t have any reservation. You should book no less than a week in advance. 

You know what they say an early bird catches the worm. So, book in advance to save hundreds of dollars on airport parking. Remember to make arrangements and book airport parking before you arrive at the airport. In this way, you’ll definitely get cheap airport parking. 

  1. Find Another Parking Lot

Cheap airport parking is not easy to find all the time. You might forget to book in advance. You also might not have the time to ask friends or family members for a ride. So, what will you do? Find another parking lot that is close to the airport. 

You’ll be wondering how I will find another parking lot. I don’t have that much time. Well, I have the perfect option for you. It will help you to find a nearby parking lot easily. Go to local listing sites and forums such as Roost, TripAdvisor, or JustPark. You can find a list of cheap parking spaces available in your area on these sites. You can also ask for suggestions about cheap airport parking or other cheap parking spaces on these sites. 

Cheap Airport Parking
Cheap Airport Parking

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If these don’t work for you, you can go to broader search engines. and Airport Parking Reservations are two great search engines. They will search for all the nearby places and provide a list of cheap airport parking. Try both of these search engines. and Airport Parking Reservations provide parking lots with the cheapest possible rates. They also provide pictures, user reviews, and amenities like security and shuttle service. So, you can easily select which parking lot is better for you. Book a parking lot you like the most with these search engines. 

  1. Coupon Sites and Discounts

If you are looking for long-term parking then coupons will prove really helpful. I don’t think there is any airport that doesn’t accept a parking coupon nowadays. You can find a number of great deals for cheap airport parking. Finding coupons is very easy. Just go to Google and search ‘Discount Parking Coupons in (substitute you city name)‘. 

Groupon is also a fabulous coupon site. It offers many discounts on airport parking. So, you’re having any problem finding cheap airport parking. Try Groupon. By using coupons, the price of normal airport parking will drop to as low as $4 to $7 per day. 

Pro Tip:  I have a great tip for you. Search some travel websites on Google. You’ll find plenty of them. Sign up to most of the travel websites. You’ll get a list of parking services and available discounts in your inbox. Most of these discounts are not available directly on the travel sites. It will prove very helpful in the long run especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

Along with coupons, you can check-in directly with the airport for discounts. For that, go to your airport website and look for available discounts on long-term parking. In this way, you’ll easily get cheap airport parking. 

I have another option for you and that is Park N Fly. It is a large chain of worldwide parking locations or areas. Here you can find several parking lots close to your airport. The best thing about these parking lots is that they are cheaper than the airport parking. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll surely benefit from their “frequent parker program”. You will get a lot of discounts if you make bookings frequently.

Cheap airport parking will not seem like a big problem after all these great tips. But I still have many options for you. Read on to find more ways to get cheap airport parking and choose the way that suits you the best.

  1. Stay at a Hotel that Provides an Extended Parking

If your flight is too early or too late, you can stay at a hotel near your airport. This is a great option especially if you live far from the airport. Stay in a hotel that offers long-term extended parking. Combine your hotel stay with a parking period of 2 to 3 weeks. 

Hotels are a much cheaper option than parking at the airport. They offer a one-night stay with better-extended parking rates. After your stay, you can leave your car at the hotel and take a shuttle to the airport. This is a guaranteed way of saving money than a cheap airport parking. 

But you’ll need to do some research to find a hotel that offers extended parking. Doing all the research on your own might take a lot of time. This is where ‘Park Sleep Fly’ enters the picture. How will it help me?

‘Park Sleep Fly’ is a quick search engine that will provide you with a list of hotels with long-term parking. You just have to enter the time period for which you need to park your car. And ‘Park Sleep Fly’ will provide you with many suitable options at affordable prices.

  1. Rent Out Your Car

If you are unable to find any cheap airport parking option, think about renting out your car. Instead of spending money, why not earn it. In this way, you’ll be able to park for free. Plus! You can earn up to hundreds of dollars. 

You can find a lot of sites where you can rent out your car.  Try ‘GetAround’ if you live in the US. It is also available in France as well. ‘Turo’ is also a good website available in both Canada and the US. If you live in Australia, try ‘Carhood’. 

‘Travelcar’ is a worldwide service where you can rent out your car. You will get paid based on how far your car is driven. I will highly recommend ‘Travelcar’. I have rented out my car on ‘Travelcar’ and they not only pay well but also wash your car. In addition, ‘Travelcar’ provides insurance in case your car gets stolen or damaged. This is not an opportunity that you should miss. 

If you’re going on a longer trip like for a month or two, you’ll definitely get several hundred dollars by renting out your car. 

  1. Pay with a credit card

Here is another great tip for you. Pay your bill with the credit card. It will give you a discount on parking charges. 

Credit cards are also a way to get cheap airport parking. Most people use credit cards to pay their bills normally. Although, all credit cards can be used to get a discount on parking. But some credit cards are better than others when it comes to discounts. 

Credit cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred can award you bonus points. For each dollar you spend on airport parking, you’ll get 2x or 3x reward points. These credit cards consider parking lots as a part of your travel.  Plus! You’ll also get points for your meals and hotel stays. 

Citi Premier Card and Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard are also quite beneficial. You’ll get 3 points for each dollar spent by using the Citi Premier Card. On the other hand, with Barclaycard Arrival you’ll get 2 miles per dollar. 

So, by using these credit cards you easily find cheap airport parking. The points you earn at your purchases are redeeming points that will help to decrease the airfare. If you’re thinking about getting a new credit card, get one of these. They will reduce the parking charges and you’ll in turn save money.

  1. Park at smaller regional airports

It is impossible to get free parking at the major airports. But smaller airports do offer free parking. But you need some research for that of course!

Do a Google search on your nearby small regional airports that offer free parking. Even though you don’t find the ones with free parking, you can still find airports with cheap airport parking. The best thing about flying out of small airports is that you’ll save yourself some hassle and money as well. 

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on airport parking. You don’t even have to walk for miles to get inside the airport. It is much more convenient and cost-effective. 

If you live in the US, you can find many regional airports with cheap airport parking. Here are some airports in the US that offer free airport parking. 

  • The St. Cloud Regional Airport in Minnesota
  • The Cheyenne Region Airport in Wyoming.
  • The Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport in Virginia.
  • The Casper County International Airport in Wyoming.
  • The Waco Regional Airport in Texas. 

If you live in Europe, consider traveling with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. They have an excellent network of airports. KLM is not only efficient but also convenient and cost-effective. 

It doesn’t matter which country you are from. You can find regional airports that offer free parking near you. 

  1. Find cheap airport parking on parking apps or websites

You can get discounts on airport parking via different apps and websites. I have already mentioned some great websites to find cheap airport parking. But in reality, you can find a lot of apps and websites that offer parking discounts. 

Some parking websites that I use are Parking Panda, Park Whiz, Best Parking, and Cheap Airport Parking. These websites offer parking services online. You can book airport parking in advance through these websites. I will highly recommend these websites as I use them myself. You’ll surely get considerably cheap airport parking at these websites.

Don’t just stick to one website or app. Check and compare all these four websites. Look for the best parking deals and offers. You have to keep in mind that the prices keep on changing on these websites. 

You can find a great offer on one website but it might not be there next month. That is why regularly checking these websites is important. By doing so, you’ll be able to get affordable airport parking. 

  1. Park your  car at a theme park

Okay, let me explain. You can actually park your car at a theme park if you have absolutely no other option. 

If you have kids, you probably visit theme parks frequently. If you do so, buy a season parking pass. When you visit a theme park more than two or three times you’ll be able to get a season parking pass. What will it do?

With a season parking pass, you can park your car at an HDB car park group. You can get long-term parking at any time via season parking. it is sold every month. So, you can greatly reduce the parking costs by purchasing a season parking pass. In this way, you’ll be able to park your car at the theme park. 

The Bottom Line

These were the 10 amazing ways to get cheap airport parking. Choose the option that suits you the best. Do your best to find a friend or relative to drop you off at the airport. If you can’t find anyone, try to get an Uber, Rideshare, Lyft, or use public transportation. These options are the best actually. They will not only save your time but money as well. 

If you’re parking your car at any place other than the airport, make sure to read all the reviews related to the services in that parking lot. If you find any issues or negative reviews regarding the security of a parking lot, don’t park your car there. 

Choose wisely and do some research. Cheap airport parking is not that difficult to find. I am sure you’ll find an option that suits you the best out of the options I mentioned in this article.

Have any questions regarding “Finding Cheap Airport Parking?” Feel free to comment down below.

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